The documentary „From Raps to Riches“ portraits two young New Yorkers from poor circumstances, trying to life a better life through rap music. „New York City is the biggest jungle. To survive, you have to be a lion!“ says 25 year old JoeyBM about his everyday life as a musician. Started from the Bronx, JoeyBM is now known as one of the most successful CD sellers at New York Times Square. With its charm and amazing talent to market himself, he raps every day to convince many people from his music. Also his mate IFlyer, a former drug dealer, is a rapper and survival artist. He is still waiting for the great success on the Internet.


Länge: 52 Min.
Genre: Dokumentation
Sprache: Englisch
Idee & Drehbuch: Julian Jakobsmeyer & Tim Bolte
Kamera & Regie: Julian Jakobsmeyer
Produktion: Jakobsmeyer Visual Media
VÖ: Februar 2015